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The No-Tie type2 magnetic shoelaces

The No-Tie type2 magnetic shoelaces

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  • Unique curved magnetic buckle for optimal comfort.
  • Huya press with double-lock design.
  • Fully adjustable to ANY shoe.
  • NEW durable lock with stronger magnets.
  • NEW precision V-shape knitting for higher textile strength.
  • Elastic shoelaces distribute pressure evenly over your shoe, giving you ultimate comfort..
  • Environmental-friendly colouring that will not fade.
  • Various colours to meet any style you need.
  • Easy to set up & lovable to wear (instructions).

Care Instructions

The No-Tie shoelaces are simple to remove from shoes and separate from the magnetic buckle. They are safe to wash in a machine on 30°C and will not lose their color. Allow them to air dry, but do not put them in a dryer.

Tips: To prevent tangling or tearing during washing, place them in a mesh laundry bag or the pocket of clothing.

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Thank you for placing an order! Your No-Tie shoelaces will have your shoes looking great.

Once an order is placed, we will carefully gather your No-Tie shoelaces and package it. Processing may take up to 72 hours. All items will be sent out together once all items are ready. Your country may charge import fees which will be due upon delivery.

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“Average person spends around 970 hours in a lifetime just tying shoes.”

The No-Tie is a problem solver for many of us

The No-Tie shoelaces

  • Great comfort, this is one of The No-Tie WOW things. Holding all together with pressure spread evenly.
  • No more exhausted feets, much more comfortable to wear.
  • No more double knots. Easy to learn. No more frustration for our kids, they can do it by themself.
  • The No-Tie makes sure they always stay whole & clean.
  • You can’t step on shoelaces with The No-Tie. Heads up! We got your back, you will not fall on your first date.
  • No weird situations in shopping mals.
  • The No-Tie makes sure you score. …

Regular shoelaces

  • There is always some unecessary pressure on your foot with regular shoelaces, the pressure is NOT spread evenly.
  • Our feets are tired after whole day wearing stiff shoelaces.
  • It’s frustrating for our kids not knowing to tie shoelaces. We are not always there to help.
  • Shoelaces get damaged & dirty when not in place.
  • You can step on shoelaces and fall...
    On your first date.
  • Loose shoelaces can tangle somewhere… bike chain, escalator in shopping mal...
    On your first date.
  • Shoelaces can come loose on important game...
    You lose!

Unique tying

of the shoelaces

Extra comfortable

Mulitple colors

& they do

not fade

Saves you


Strong natural

rubber threads

100 cm

One size to rule

them all

Perfect for


Easy to

set up


& no rust


Take off old ones and put new The No-Tie shoelaces on, in any creative style you like.

Adjust the tightness to your liking and cut off any excess laces.

Tip: Make adjustments with your feet in the shoes for the best results and to experience the first "wow" effect.

To prevent future tearing, burn the cut ends of the laces and thread them through the buckle with ease.

Tip: Press the burned ends slightly to flatten them for a neater finish.

Thread the shoelaces through the buckles. If necessary, use a blunt tool to guide the laces into the buckle for a secure fit.

Connect two ends of The No-Tie magnetic buckle. Put on your shoes and check for the desired tightness, adjust if needed.

The installation is now complete. Enjoy the new level of comfort and convenience that The No-Tie shoelaces bring to your feet and shoes.

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